Morning Ray of Sunshine

The biggest myth in our lives is control. We keep trying to control everything – the situations in our life, the people we love, the outcomes we want… In the process we get stressed, angsty, fight with people when they don’t behave the way we want them to, rail against the world when things don’t go according to our ‘Plan’. In short we make ourselves and around us miserable.

While the truth is we don’t control jack. Except for our own attitude and reactions. And the latter is the one thing we act as if we’re not in control of…

Let’s face it… we don’t know what is in store for us and we won’t till it happens. We can choose where we want to head but not where we land up. So then why break our heads over consequences and trying to control life?

Life is about flowing not controlling. We wouldn’t try and control the waves in the sea when we’re swimming. Then why try when we’re swimming in the sea of life? Instead flow with the tide, expend less energy and enjoy the ride.

That’s all life is about – the journey. We will reach where we have to and the destinations will be far more right for us than what we scheme and struggle for. So thrn let’s just trust that and have a ball on the way there. Let’s enjoy whatever comes, let’s make the most of the time we spend with whoever is in our life, let us be content, grateful and excited with whatever life has served up on our plate rather than trying to figure what’s on others’ tables or what else is in the kitchen.

It’s a wonderful life long as we choose to believe it, go with that attitude and make the most of whatever comes. Life is in the living not the planning or moaning.

Live it up. Now…


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