Morning Ray of Sunshine

Clarity. We usually understand this word as knowing what to do, what we don’t want to do, what we want from life, what we don’t want, who we really are, who we pretend to be etc. And it is all that.

But there is another powerful aspect of clarity which is when faced with a situation knowing what it is it that we have control over, what all can we do,  and more importantly what all we have no say in – especially the outcome.

Now it’s important to use the clarity so that we can do all the things within our power as regards the situation, leave no stone unturned to sort it. But having done that we need to use the clarity that everything else inculding the outcome is beyond our power. So there’s no point angsting or stressing about them. Rather having done our best we just need to surrender the rest to higher powers.

Angsting will serve no purpose apart from attracting negative energies and perhaps unwanted outcomes. But peace, calm, clarity not only frees us to move on to doing other things, enjoying and making the most of the moment but also attracts good energies and creates the ambience for a positive result.

So let’s do what’s in our power, trust the rest will be taken care of and just focus on doing more, living more, loving a lot more today.


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