Morning Ray of Sunshine

In everything we do in life there’s a tendency to want to take the easy way out – to opt for an easier workout, or give up in the last ten seconds of that killing exercise, not do that last rewrite revision saying it’s good enough, not addressing the inherent problems in a relationship and saying it’s just a phase, it’ll work itself out on its own, distancing oneself from a person hoping they’ll get a hint and avoiding that frank chat, saying sorry on mail or sms instead of just calling or meeting – the list is endless.

Sure it’s easier in the short term, we don’t have to face our fears, we don’t have to look at what’s not working in our lives or our own shortcomings. We can live in the delusion of it’s all fine, it’ll all be fine.

Whom are we fooling – only ourselves. Things don’t get fine, they get worse and end badly. One could have parted ways amicably and stayed friends, instead it ends in bitterness and acrimony. Instead of a little pain in exercise, one opts for a lot more agony in ailment, restrictions, medical fees et al.

We know the truth even though we don’t choose to see it.

And even if the worst doesn’t happen, the best doesn’t either.  Our work remains good enough, doesn’t become great, exceptional. Cause we’re running from fears and difficult situations we don’t become stronger, we don’t grow. We don’t fix the weak links in our life. We don’t allow ourselves to become awesome.

It’s a simple choice. Are we ok with ok ok, chalta hai… or do we need to stretch ourselves, be the best we could be, do the best we could, have the most amazing life imaginable…

Why would we choose anything less for ourselves?


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