Morning Ray of Sunshine

Life is a roller coaster. There are always going to be ups and downs, things are not going to go as planned, there will be setbacks, upsets, challenges, people will disappoint us, hurt us, cheat us, endless minor irritants will keep showing up… so on and so forth.

We have two choices – one to let all these affect us, pull us down, make us sad, angry, angsty, stressed, tense… Or we can take it in our stride, smile and focus on the good things in our life, everything that’s going our way, smile and make the most of all of that.

Fact is no matter which one we choose, we’re still going to get the same number of days to live that we’re meant to, all that we’re meant to receive we will get (of course provided we work for it), what we’re not meant to we won’t  (no matter how much we angst or rail).

So then let’s just think about a thing – at the end of this journey would we rather look back on a life full of happiness and laughter and loving and living and making the most of every moment or a life full of tears and sadness and anger and tension and frustration.

No contest, folks. Let’s celebrate the life we have


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