Morning Ray of Sunshine -Keep the Faith, We will Shine

Hope. Faith. Two tiny words but with an ocean of possibilities.

Let’s face it. Things are going to go wrong. Something we’ve dreamt of, worked towards for really long can fall apart in a second. Of course we’ll be heartbroken, frustrated, angry, depressed. Question is after we’ve gone through all that, then what?

That’s where these two words come in. Rather than giving up and feeling like a loser or a failure let’s use these two to pull ourselves up. Then re examine the situation – have we done everything we could? Can we try something else, totally out of the box? If so, let’s. And with full hope and faith let’s give it another shot.

If there is nothing more that can be done, let’s take a step back and re examine – why did we take this up in the first place? What was the larger goal? If this book is not getting published and our larger aim was to tell a story, let’s start a new one. Maybe the time for this one hasn’t yet come. If a dream trip is not working out but the larger goal is travel and exploration let’s figure another trip. If one door to love has been locked let’s knock elsewhere.

Point is no single setback can be the undoing of us. Life is not over. Neither is the story. Let’s move on to the next chapter. Maybe that’s the one in which the hero comes out triumphant. After all pre climax is when things seem most hopeless.

So let’s hold on to hope, fill our hearts with faith. They will carry us through. We will come out shining.


Morning Ray of Sunshine – Take up the ‘Impossible’

There are things in our life that we’ve decided are too difficult – we can’t do them. Or not now, maybe, once we grow and learn and become really strong, then we’ll attempt them. So we’ve smartly procrastinated and assuaged our guilt at not doing something we really want to do.

Let’s face it. If the desire to do something has cropped up inside of us, then it is something that we innately have the potential to do. What’s more since it seems like a challenge, it’s undoubtedly something that will define us, take us to the heights that we should be at, in life, make us who we are meant to be. So unquestionably it’s what we should be doing and doing right now.

There is no prepared, when I’ll be ready, when I’ll be stronger. As we dive in and start doing, we will become ready, trained, stronger. That’s how we learn – by doing what we were meant to.

So let’s waste no more time. Let’s get cracking on writing that book, starting that company, climbing that mountain, buying that house, getting married, having a baby – whatever it is that we really, really want to do and have been running from.

As a wise man said to me we can either live our destiny or create our destiny. The choice is ours.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – We Can’t Control People

We can love the people in our life. We can support them, be there for them, guide them, communicate with them, try and make them understand. But we cannot, cannot control them!

We cannot make them happy. We cannot take away their pain or fears. We cannot stop them from misunderstanding us. We cannot force them to comprehend where we are coming from. We cannot compel them to be there for us, support us, do anything for us, love us.

We can try. We can angst about it, get furious, rave and rant. But ultimately we will have to accept that they will be the way they choose to and there’s nothing we can do about it.

And that’s why it makes sense to love unconditionally without expectations. The love enriches us, makes us bigger. Whether or not the other person acknowledges or accepts it, this love goes into the world and softens and brightens at least our immediate environment. It brings us in connection with higher powers and sources of Light.

And it releases us from disappointment, heartbreak, frustration and anger, freeing us to choose to be happy, live the moment fully, make our lives special and extraordinary.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – The Messages Around Us

Wisdom is there all around us, seeking us out constantly.

Not just in what people tell us or in the books we look for it in but in the smallest of happenings around us. It is there in what a child is doing, in a song that’s playing, in a snatch of a conversation that we overhear, a line in an ad or hoarding, in the grandness of nature around us…

There are messages everywhere, the answers to our questions, the pointers to what we should do and where we should go. All we need to is stop thinking, open our hearts to the world around and receive…

Today let’s look closer, let’s let the Universe show us what we need.

Morning Ray of Sunshine -Giving our 100%

To not commit is the easiest thing. To just keep flitting from job to job, project to project, person to person, to live life only for those ephemeral highs that come one when is discovering something new, and move on once that high subsides…

What’s bad in that? Nothing, if one is ok with living life at the most superficial level, no heart, just head and ego, no real learning, no growth and worst of all no lasting satisfaction or contentment and definitely no feeling of love or bliss.

On the flip side sure every person, every project comes with their own set of problems and obstacles, sure there are loads of things about them that we don’t like. And there are things that are so attractive in someone else, someplace else, that are altogether missing here. But the same will happen once we bound over to the other person, other job. So what we keep jumping around like monkeys?

Or we allow our heart to pick one project/job/person at a time and commit to it fully, open ourselves totally and give our 100 percent, no holding back – our love, passion, enthusiasm, honesty, trust, surrender. And without question or expectation devote ourselves to that endeavour, be it making something awesome or loving someone fully. It may work out. It may not. We will feel joy and love. We will also experience pain. But isn’t that what life is about – experiencing everything fully, intensely?

Why would we dip our toes into the sea and stay by the shore when we can dive in and swim?

Nope, one isn’t preaching monogamy or sticking to one job for life. But yes when we are with one experience or person let’s give it all we’ve got. Only then can we truly experience and learn what life had planned for us through that person or project. This isn’t about shutting doors or options, it’s about opening our hearts and giving of ourselves totally to every moment, every opportunity, every experience.

Morning Ray Of Sunshine – Don’t Second Guess Your Choices

It is human nature that having made a choice we still have a tendency to look over our shoulders and angst about whether we made the right choice. We look at others who’ve chosen differently, wonder if they’re happier, better off and in the process lose out on enjoying the choice we’ve made.

Fact is life is all about choices. But there is no right or wrong, just what our heart wants at that moment, what is appropriate just then. We need to trust our instincts, our heart and just go with them. Sure the mind will keep throwing up doubts but that is the mind’s job. Let’s not get sucked in and let’s just make the most of the path we’ve chosen. Life is too short for second guessing and worrying.

And in any case life will get us to where we need to go. Even if we’ve taken a detour, it means there are lessons we needed to learn. And let’s not compare ourselves with others. We are unique, one of a kind, only we know what’s appropriate for us.

So let’s live our uniqueness. Let’s respect and celebrate our decisions. Let’s make the most of and revel in the life we have, the life we have chosen

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Let’s become pillars

We all have strife and stress in our life, lots of it. And we’re doing our best to cope with it, hold our heads high and smile through it and come out triumphant. And we will, for sure.

So today let’s turn our attention away from our problems and focus on those of someone close to us – a parent, a sibling, spouse, a friend, someone who works with or for us. Today let’s be there for them.

Silently, invisibly let’s support them, pray for them, do things to make their struggles easy, find ways to make them smile, make them feel special and cherished. Let them know they’re not alone. Let them see hope and support and joy in the midst of the bleakness. Give them the fillip they need to come out shining.

And as we do this, we will find unexpected power, unimaginable light within ourselves as well, that will lift us way above our issues. We will become larger and mightier, till our problems represent no more than an irritating mosquito to be swatted away in a trice.

Let’s become bigger today. Let’s become huge. Let’s become a pillar for the people around us, for the world. Let’s shine

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Begin Again. Simple words but they seem like the hardest thing to do.

Especially if one is starting a new job and the last one ended badly. Or starting to get out and meet people after the end of a relationship/marriage. Or starting a new project after the last one was a resounding failure. Or getting up on stage or the sports field after being laughed or booed off previously.

Sure it’s hard. If one comes in with the baggage of failure. But did we really fail? Failure is when we give up and don’t try again. If we don’t throw in the towel, then even something that didn’t work out is just one more learning step on the path to self-actualisation. Sort of like one of Edison’s 300 + attempts on the route to creating a working bulb.

And let’s face it, whatever our sadness or frustration over what didn’t go where we wanted it to, fact is we did learn. If nothing else – what not to do. That’s huge. Knowing what can mess up a bulb or a book or a relationship or a pasta brings us a whole lot closer to creating one that’s great.

So net net we have only gained. And every time we set out to try again, we will gain so much more.

Let’s go back to when we were kids and were trying to climb a tree or ride a cycle or walk. We tried, fell, hurt ourselves, bawled. And then with renewed innocence, faith and enthusiasm we tried again. We never had the thought – what if I fall again? It was always – this time I’ll definitely do it!

Let’s bring that faith, innocence and enthusiasm as we start afresh. And best of all, let’s remember that what we’re setting out on is a whole new adventure – a chance to recreate our life. What’s not exciting about that?

As a friend eloquently put it – it’s like being put on a new planet. But so was Superman. So let’s get ready to fly, punch through walls and save the world. Cause we can.

Let’s go folks. To new beginnings, new adventures, laughter, zest and learning. And of course – being Superman.


Morning Ray of Sunshine

Where we are right now is just the truth of this moment. Right now we may be broken, defeated, trapped, clueless, miserable. Right now we may not be able to see any way out. Right now there could be blackness all around and in every pore and no sign of light. Right now we could be utterly lost and alone without a friend or support in sight… But let’s not forget this is just Right Now.

Right now is not our whole life. It is not tomorrow, it is not even the rest of today.

Sure at this moment everything feels hopeless and bleak. Sure we just want to break down and cry. It’s ok to do that.

But in the next moment we will stand up, head high, chest out, ready to charge forward like a warrior, our hearts full of hope and courage and faith and strength.

Cause we know the measure of a person is when he’s down and refuses to stay down. And by God we won’t stay down.

Life is about crests and troughs. If we’ve hit a low in this moment then a high is just around the corner. Every low is nothing but a springboard to launch us even higher, ever closer to the stars, where we belong.

So let’s take a deep optimistic breath, plant a big smile on our faces, fill our hearts with love, innocence and enthusiasm and get ready for that jump.

We’re going to fly high. And then some…

Morning Ray of Sunshine

When we’re feeling low, when there’s a deep sadness inside, trying to fight it, reason it out can’t help. One has to live through the sadness, experience it fully.

But at the same time the big no no is to stay steeped in it, wallow in it, make your very existence a cocoon of gloom and despair. So what does one do, if one can’t shake the sadness off and being mired in it is a no no?

Activity. That’s the key. This is the perfect time to intensify one’s workouts, start running or cycling or swimming, maybe sign on for a trek or two. Physical activity will have the blood pumping again, energise us, get the happy hormones going.

And along with physical exercise this is a great time to get all other kinds of activity going. Start writing – whatever musings, a diary, poetry – but no woe is me and my life stinks stuff. Or painting/singing/dancing. Maybe join an amateur theatre group. Start playing board games. We each know what activity will give us joy – so let’s go for it.

Of course this won’t take the pain away, but positive, constructive activity starts working as a salve to heal us at a deep level. Plus the joys that we keep drawing in from each activity become the strength we need to face and live through the sadness and the foundation on which to build a new today from the ashes of yesterday.

Life will find a way long as we keep living. Fully. Hang in there. We will survive. We will triumph