Morning Ray of Sunshine

Make a Difference – let that be our motto going forward. Enough of the token, surface, showing up for work, being around in the relationship, eking out an existence. It’s time to live and show the world that we are there.

So whatever we do, small big, let’s go that extra 100 miles, let’s think out of the box, let’s make it unique, special, extraordinary. Whether it’s a memo or a hi or a smile or a presentation let’s make sure it shakes up the world around us, that no one will forget it, that it makes a difference.

It’s time to reclaim the space we inhabit, time to rise to the positions we were meant to be at, time to shine like the stars we are…

So today let’s not just do – go through the motions like a machine. Let’s take a moment, figure how to make it extraordinary. And then let’s set the trail ablaze


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