Morning Ray of Sunshine

Hope. It’s the most beautiful, most precious, powerful thing imaginable. It’s what gives us the strength to forge on when everything fails. It’s what gets us our of bed when we’re broken and miserable. It’s what shows us the way.

When things are really bad we do feel hopeless. We want to just quit, accept defeat, become a victim and decide that misery is our lot…


When we feel the darkness filling us up, that’s when we need to ignite the flame of hope inside. We have to believe that things will change, we will overcome, we will triumph, we will shine, love will find its way to us, we will get where we’re meant to, we will have the life we want. But only if we keep the hope burning,  the faith going, only if we keep believing.

And what’s not to believe? No matter how bleak things look we have always marched back into the sunshine. We have laughed again, danced anew. And we will, this time and every time.

Hope conquers all. So let’s hold on to that hope, empower it. And it will give us wings to soar over any situation, any challenge…


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