Morning Ray of Sunshine

So much of our time, energy and peace of mind goes into agonizing and angsting over trivial things – a phone or a computer that’s not working, a smart alec cabbie or rick guy, that stupid gaffe we made in public – oh my God what will people think, will I make it on time for that meeting…. the list is endless.

And though these may seem trivial and tiny they eat away at us like a cancer not allowing us to focus on bigger, way more important things, not letting us enjoy the moment.

And for what? Even if the worst happened on any of these nothing is an earth shattering crisis. At worse what – buy a new phone, get insulted by a stranger whom we’ll never see again, land up late – get some dirty looks…

But the opportunities we’re losing – that’s where our life is – our work, our relationships, making the most of every moment. Is that worth giving up for this shit?

Let’s just keep our eyes on the big picture. And when these petty worries come up let’s quickly see how much they matter in the larger scheme of things, decide they’re insignificant and get back to living.

Think big. Live big


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