Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are things in our life that we consider impossible, that we just cannot do. Now some of these things we may want to do but cause we’ve put this impossible tag on them, we shut our minds and don’t even think about trying. Except maybe in that rare wistful moment that makes us go… If only…

Well that changes right this moment. Cause in truth the if only stands for if only I had the courage to try. So what we’re going to do is try.

Whatever we want to do let’s take it on as a project and start working towards it. Sure the mind will keep telling us it’s impossible. Even if it is what’s the harm in trying? Will be fun and at least we’ll know we didn’t give up without giving it our best shot.

So if we think we can’t dance we sign up for dancing classes. If we think we can’t run a marathon or climb a mountain we start training. If we think we can never get a book published we start writing. If we think we will never find love we start dating and giving love unconditionally…

Magic will unfold. And ultimately whether we achieve the impossible or not (which of course we will) we’re going to end up having loads of fun, unleashing power that we never knew we had, revealing sides of ourselves that we were blind to and growing, expanding and shining like we never dreamt we would.


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