Morning Ray of Sunshine

Who are we? What do we really want – out of work, out of our relationships, out of our life?

How often do we ask this question? Do we ever ask this question? Why not? Is it cause we’re scared of the answers?

Scared of finding out that the job we’re doing is just a compromise, a comfort zone to pay for the luxuries that anaesthetize us so we don’t have to listen to the voice inside that says we could be doing something so much more fulfilling, so much more – US.

Scared of finding out that the relationship we’re in is a sham, love, companionship, conversation have long gone out the window, we’re just automatons going through the motions of being together, too scared to ask for more, scared of losing what little we have…

Actually isn’t that the real fear in everything in our life – fear that if we dream of more than this meagre existence, even this will be snatched away and we will be left with nothing?

Ya, maybe that’s what will happen. But that nothing will spur us on to get something and hopefully this time we won’t set our sights low, won’t grab the first available option.

We are meant for bigger, more beautiful things. We are meant to have an awesome life. Let’s not settle for the available. Let’s  aim for the stars. If we fall, we still flew, even if it was for just a few moments. Next time, we’ll fly higher, longer.

Enough of existing guys, let’s start living, really living. And let’s start by answering the question – who are we, what do we want?


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