Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are times in life when our heart tells us to choose a course that we know won’t find favour with the majority of people around us. There will be active attempts at discouraging us from embarking on this ‘suicidal’, ‘destructive’, ‘stupid’ path. And listening to everyone we might have moments of doubts about whether we are doing the right thing.

Fact is there is no right or wrong just what is most appropriate for us at this given moment. And no one, no logic, no rationality, no enlightened soul knows better what is most right than our own hearts.

This is when we need to go deep inside and listen only to our hearts, shut off the mind with all its fears and logic and rationalizations and just flow with our heart.

Sure in the short term we ourselves may question the sense of our decision. But it is the path that will give us maximum satisfaction and ultimately take us to where we are supposed to be.

So as all the songs and poems say, let’s listen to our hearts and let our innermost voice guide us for it knows us better than the cacophony of voices around us.


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