Morning Ray of Sunshine

Very often we hear people say – I wish I had someone to love. I have so much love to give. Perhaps we have even said it or thought it ourselves…

Now sure we all want that special someone to love and be loved by, to hold close and cherish. But till they come along does that mean we have to keep our love locked up? No way.

If we have love to give let’s start giving, freely, abundantly. To our parents,  siblings, friends, colleagues, strangers – anyone, everyone. It isn’t as if we have a finite stock of love that’ll get over before our dream mate shows up. On the contrary the more we love, the more capable we become of giving and receiving love. And let’s not forget, love is a cosmic energy, the more we let it flow through us the more stronger our connection with the higher powers becomes, the more we grow and ascend to the higher realms of consciousness.

So let’s just open our hearts, share, smile, hug, do loving things, make people feel special. Let’s be our most loving selves. We need it. The world needs it. And what better way of showing the Universe that we’re ready to welcome the love of our lives.


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