Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are days when we suddenly get a strong impulse – say a desire to take an exciting trip or perhaps a want to sign up for a course that one had never even contemplated, or maybe just wanting to go strike up a conversation with a girl or guy you’ve never even seen before…

Whatever it is let’s not fight it,, call it mad, give in to fears, stay within our comfort zones and push it away. Let’s act on it forthwith – put a down payment on the trip, pay the fees, go say hi – whatever.

These aren’t just whims. These are messages from our soul, coming from a deep connection to higher powers. These are meant to guide us to your real selves, to where we are supposed to be in life. We have no clue where these small, mad, crazy acts will take us. We’re opening a whole new world of adventure, excitement, joy, possibilities, love, self fulfilment by just acting on that one impulse.

So let’s not hold back. Let’s just go for it. Here goes nothing…


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