Morning Ray of Sunshine

Nothing breaks our hearts more than saying goodbye. To a person we care for, to a place we’ve lived in or worked in, to a way of life… It feels like we’re wrenching a part of our heart out and leaving it behind.

The tears, the sadness – they’re all real and justified. We must embrace them, live through the pain fully. But we cannot allow ourselves to stay stuck in the gloom. That’s wallowing – constantly asking ourselves why did this happen, did I make the right decision, could I have done anything differently, should I have spent more time with that person while they were in my life etc. etc.

Fact is that part of our lives is over. Nothing is going to change that. And who says it’s a bad thing?

Fact is though we’ve hated and railed against them, every drastic change in our lives has been for the good, has shaped us, helped us grow, made us what we are today. And if we look back we will see that that everything we wept about losing, were miserable about letting go of, ultimately led to something so much more beautiful, so much more ‘us’.

There is a glorious today waiting for us, bigger, brighter, more exciting than we can ever imagine. But we cannot live it until we let go of yesterday. We have to bid adieu to the past, with flowing tears if need be. And then turn our heads to the front, keep looking forward firmly and charge ahead.

What is gone may have been good. What is coming will be better. It is the nature of life. So let’s resist the temptation to keep moaning what we have left behind and with faith, innocence and enthusiasm look forward to,  receive and celebrate what life is sending us.

Life is right here, right now. Let’s make the most of it.


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