Morning Ray of Sunshine

Love makes the world go around. But today’s message isn’t about loving the world, it’s about loving the most important person in our lives – ourselves.

To start with we put down the gun we always have levelled at our head, throw away the whip with which we are forever flagellating ourselves. Starting today we accept ourselves as we are – we stop judging whether we’re good or not, we stop angsting over our shortcomings, instead focus on and feel proud about our strengths and talents. We celebrate our imperfections for that’s what makes us unique. We love ourselves and feel kicked about ourselves cause there’s no one like us. Yup God broke the mould. So we’re hot shit.

We start listening to our heart, our inner voices and following them. If what we really want is a change of job let’s do it. A change of house or location – great. Voice says our current relationship is in dire straits, let’s pay heed. Maybe we do need and deserve a change in every which way. But let’s listen to all those messages we’ve been running from and take action. Let’s do what our soul truly needs from us.

And let’s indulge ourselves a bit too. Anything fun, mad we’ve been denying ourselves – be it a sweet treat or a mad prank or an extra hour of rest or some crazy dancing or singing or blowing up the world (on a PS4 or X Box please), let’s do it.

Let’s do whatever makes us happy – the small things, the big changes. If we don’t, how can we expect anyone else to.

Love begins with ourselves.

And oh yes let’s give ourselves a big hug. And look into our eyes in a mirror and say I LOVE YOU.


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