Morning Ray of Sunshine

When we’re feeling low, when there’s a deep sadness inside, trying to fight it, reason it out can’t help. One has to live through the sadness, experience it fully.

But at the same time the big no no is to stay steeped in it, wallow in it, make your very existence a cocoon of gloom and despair. So what does one do, if one can’t shake the sadness off and being mired in it is a no no?

Activity. That’s the key. This is the perfect time to intensify one’s workouts, start running or cycling or swimming, maybe sign on for a trek or two. Physical activity will have the blood pumping again, energise us, get the happy hormones going.

And along with physical exercise this is a great time to get all other kinds of activity going. Start writing – whatever musings, a diary, poetry – but no woe is me and my life stinks stuff. Or painting/singing/dancing. Maybe join an amateur theatre group. Start playing board games. We each know what activity will give us joy – so let’s go for it.

Of course this won’t take the pain away, but positive, constructive activity starts working as a salve to heal us at a deep level. Plus the joys that we keep drawing in from each activity become the strength we need to face and live through the sadness and the foundation on which to build a new today from the ashes of yesterday.

Life will find a way long as we keep living. Fully. Hang in there. We will survive. We will triumph


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