Morning Ray of Sunshine

Where we are right now is just the truth of this moment. Right now we may be broken, defeated, trapped, clueless, miserable. Right now we may not be able to see any way out. Right now there could be blackness all around and in every pore and no sign of light. Right now we could be utterly lost and alone without a friend or support in sight… But let’s not forget this is just Right Now.

Right now is not our whole life. It is not tomorrow, it is not even the rest of today.

Sure at this moment everything feels hopeless and bleak. Sure we just want to break down and cry. It’s ok to do that.

But in the next moment we will stand up, head high, chest out, ready to charge forward like a warrior, our hearts full of hope and courage and faith and strength.

Cause we know the measure of a person is when he’s down and refuses to stay down. And by God we won’t stay down.

Life is about crests and troughs. If we’ve hit a low in this moment then a high is just around the corner. Every low is nothing but a springboard to launch us even higher, ever closer to the stars, where we belong.

So let’s take a deep optimistic breath, plant a big smile on our faces, fill our hearts with love, innocence and enthusiasm and get ready for that jump.

We’re going to fly high. And then some…


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