Morning Ray of Sunshine

Begin Again. Simple words but they seem like the hardest thing to do.

Especially if one is starting a new job and the last one ended badly. Or starting to get out and meet people after the end of a relationship/marriage. Or starting a new project after the last one was a resounding failure. Or getting up on stage or the sports field after being laughed or booed off previously.

Sure it’s hard. If one comes in with the baggage of failure. But did we really fail? Failure is when we give up and don’t try again. If we don’t throw in the towel, then even something that didn’t work out is just one more learning step on the path to self-actualisation. Sort of like one of Edison’s 300 + attempts on the route to creating a working bulb.

And let’s face it, whatever our sadness or frustration over what didn’t go where we wanted it to, fact is we did learn. If nothing else – what not to do. That’s huge. Knowing what can mess up a bulb or a book or a relationship or a pasta brings us a whole lot closer to creating one that’s great.

So net net we have only gained. And every time we set out to try again, we will gain so much more.

Let’s go back to when we were kids and were trying to climb a tree or ride a cycle or walk. We tried, fell, hurt ourselves, bawled. And then with renewed innocence, faith and enthusiasm we tried again. We never had the thought – what if I fall again? It was always – this time I’ll definitely do it!

Let’s bring that faith, innocence and enthusiasm as we start afresh. And best of all, let’s remember that what we’re setting out on is a whole new adventure – a chance to recreate our life. What’s not exciting about that?

As a friend eloquently put it – it’s like being put on a new planet. But so was Superman. So let’s get ready to fly, punch through walls and save the world. Cause we can.

Let’s go folks. To new beginnings, new adventures, laughter, zest and learning. And of course – being Superman.



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