Morning Ray of Sunshine – Let’s become pillars

We all have strife and stress in our life, lots of it. And we’re doing our best to cope with it, hold our heads high and smile through it and come out triumphant. And we will, for sure.

So today let’s turn our attention away from our problems and focus on those of someone close to us – a parent, a sibling, spouse, a friend, someone who works with or for us. Today let’s be there for them.

Silently, invisibly let’s support them, pray for them, do things to make their struggles easy, find ways to make them smile, make them feel special and cherished. Let them know they’re not alone. Let them see hope and support and joy in the midst of the bleakness. Give them the fillip they need to come out shining.

And as we do this, we will find unexpected power, unimaginable light within ourselves as well, that will lift us way above our issues. We will become larger and mightier, till our problems represent no more than an irritating mosquito to be swatted away in a trice.

Let’s become bigger today. Let’s become huge. Let’s become a pillar for the people around us, for the world. Let’s shine


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