Morning Ray Of Sunshine – Don’t Second Guess Your Choices

It is human nature that having made a choice we still have a tendency to look over our shoulders and angst about whether we made the right choice. We look at others who’ve chosen differently, wonder if they’re happier, better off and in the process lose out on enjoying the choice we’ve made.

Fact is life is all about choices. But there is no right or wrong, just what our heart wants at that moment, what is appropriate just then. We need to trust our instincts, our heart and just go with them. Sure the mind will keep throwing up doubts but that is the mind’s job. Let’s not get sucked in and let’s just make the most of the path we’ve chosen. Life is too short for second guessing and worrying.

And in any case life will get us to where we need to go. Even if we’ve taken a detour, it means there are lessons we needed to learn. And let’s not compare ourselves with others. We are unique, one of a kind, only we know what’s appropriate for us.

So let’s live our uniqueness. Let’s respect and celebrate our decisions. Let’s make the most of and revel in the life we have, the life we have chosen


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