Morning Ray of Sunshine -Giving our 100%

To not commit is the easiest thing. To just keep flitting from job to job, project to project, person to person, to live life only for those ephemeral highs that come one when is discovering something new, and move on once that high subsides…

What’s bad in that? Nothing, if one is ok with living life at the most superficial level, no heart, just head and ego, no real learning, no growth and worst of all no lasting satisfaction or contentment and definitely no feeling of love or bliss.

On the flip side sure every person, every project comes with their own set of problems and obstacles, sure there are loads of things about them that we don’t like. And there are things that are so attractive in someone else, someplace else, that are altogether missing here. But the same will happen once we bound over to the other person, other job. So what we keep jumping around like monkeys?

Or we allow our heart to pick one project/job/person at a time and commit to it fully, open ourselves totally and give our 100 percent, no holding back – our love, passion, enthusiasm, honesty, trust, surrender. And without question or expectation devote ourselves to that endeavour, be it making something awesome or loving someone fully. It may work out. It may not. We will feel joy and love. We will also experience pain. But isn’t that what life is about – experiencing everything fully, intensely?

Why would we dip our toes into the sea and stay by the shore when we can dive in and swim?

Nope, one isn’t preaching monogamy or sticking to one job for life. But yes when we are with one experience or person let’s give it all we’ve got. Only then can we truly experience and learn what life had planned for us through that person or project. This isn’t about shutting doors or options, it’s about opening our hearts and giving of ourselves totally to every moment, every opportunity, every experience.


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