Morning Ray of Sunshine – Take up the ‘Impossible’

There are things in our life that we’ve decided are too difficult – we can’t do them. Or not now, maybe, once we grow and learn and become really strong, then we’ll attempt them. So we’ve smartly procrastinated and assuaged our guilt at not doing something we really want to do.

Let’s face it. If the desire to do something has cropped up inside of us, then it is something that we innately have the potential to do. What’s more since it seems like a challenge, it’s undoubtedly something that will define us, take us to the heights that we should be at, in life, make us who we are meant to be. So unquestionably it’s what we should be doing and doing right now.

There is no prepared, when I’ll be ready, when I’ll be stronger. As we dive in and start doing, we will become ready, trained, stronger. That’s how we learn – by doing what we were meant to.

So let’s waste no more time. Let’s get cracking on writing that book, starting that company, climbing that mountain, buying that house, getting married, having a baby – whatever it is that we really, really want to do and have been running from.

As a wise man said to me we can either live our destiny or create our destiny. The choice is ours.


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