Morning Ray of Sunshine -Keep the Faith, We will Shine

Hope. Faith. Two tiny words but with an ocean of possibilities.

Let’s face it. Things are going to go wrong. Something we’ve dreamt of, worked towards for really long can fall apart in a second. Of course we’ll be heartbroken, frustrated, angry, depressed. Question is after we’ve gone through all that, then what?

That’s where these two words come in. Rather than giving up and feeling like a loser or a failure let’s use these two to pull ourselves up. Then re examine the situation – have we done everything we could? Can we try something else, totally out of the box? If so, let’s. And with full hope and faith let’s give it another shot.

If there is nothing more that can be done, let’s take a step back and re examine – why did we take this up in the first place? What was the larger goal? If this book is not getting published and our larger aim was to tell a story, let’s start a new one. Maybe the time for this one hasn’t yet come. If a dream trip is not working out but the larger goal is travel and exploration let’s figure another trip. If one door to love has been locked let’s knock elsewhere.

Point is no single setback can be the undoing of us. Life is not over. Neither is the story. Let’s move on to the next chapter. Maybe that’s the one in which the hero comes out triumphant. After all pre climax is when things seem most hopeless.

So let’s hold on to hope, fill our hearts with faith. They will carry us through. We will come out shining.


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