Morning Ray of Sunshine – Feel Strong not Superior


We are special, unique individuals. We have an amazing array of talents and almost limitless potential. There is nothing we cannot achieve if we set our minds to it. We are beautiful souls who are meant to shine.

We must always recognize this and keep it in our hearts. But without it slipping into our ego. For our ego will make us believe that we and Only we are responsible for all our achievements, all the good things in our life. Worse, that we are superior to others, we know better, we don’t need anyone’s counsel or help. We are too good.

And that’s when we come crashing down.

It’s good to remind ourselves how fabulous we are and what all we have done and will do. But with gratitude to Higher Powers for creating us, bestowing on us these talents and supporting us to our victories. Also to our parents, teachers, siblings, spouse/significant other, friends, colleagues and a whole host of others without whom we would be nothing and would have accomplished didley squat.

Let us allow ourselves to feel strong, but not invincible or superior.

And if ever we feel ourselves getting too big for our boots, the easiest way to get grounded is to go close to nature. One glance at the expanse of the sea, a towering mountain, the powerful waves, the wind, a huge, ageless tree will remind us how small and inconsequential we are in the larger scheme of things.

And yet in our life we have so much to live, experience, do, so much love to give. So let’s get on to that without wasting time on feeling like a Grand Panjandrum or a faltu loser.


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