Morning Ray of Sunshine – Dive in, Embrace the Adventure

When we were 5 or perhaps even when we were 25, we didn’t think before doing something we wanted to, we just dived in. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes there were bruises, sometimes a cast, sometimes crying. But we didn’t mind, we lapped it all up with a huge grin and irrepressible laughter and asked for more. That was when we were truly alive…

Now also there are things we want to do. But we don’t dive in, we analyze, we come up with strategies, we look for opportune times…blah blah. Fact is though we tell ourselves this is being sensible, we must look before we leap, fact is most of the time these are just excuses for our fears – of getting hurt, of making a fool of ourselves, of failing. But ultimately even if we fail the only thing that does get hurt is our ego. But by not doing we’re hurting our souls.

And fact is there is no joy, no glory, no life even in playing safe. The mazaa of life is in diving in headlong into one precarious situation after one other, accepting an array of impossible challenges, living in a way that makes an Indiana Jones film seem like Sesame Street.

Let’s leap, fall, hurt, cry, climb, dive, race, slip, slide. Let’s learn, grow, fly. We have one life guys. Let’s cherish it and make it memorable


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