Morning Ray of Sunshine – Drop the Ego, Joy in the Doing

Every so often it’s a good idea to just step back and look at the goals we’re striving towards. And ask ourselves honestly which one of these are things we want to do with all our heart? And which ones are basically for ego gratification, where the dominant need is to acquire a label that we can display around our necks and feel a sense of worth.

Now let’s sift out all these ego driven endeavours and look deep inside our heart. The question is – Do we want to do them at all? And the answer has to come from joy in the doing, in the journey not from the end result or boasting privileges arising from the same.

Perhaps we don’t want these goals at all. Perhaps we want a different version of them. Either way our path ahead is clear. We know what things to focus on and what we can drop.

Let’s never forget – all our real happiness can only come from the process, the doing not the results or rewards


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