Morning Ray of Sunshine – Sticking it out,Stretching our limits

Giving up, walking out, deciding to start afresh is easy. But who says with the new job, new project, new person there won’t be problems. Different issues but issues nevertheless. How long before we decide to give that up and start somewhere else? Are we going to spend our whole life hopping from bud to bud like a monkey?

How’s about for a change we stick it out? Go deeper to the root of the problems instead of reacting to the symptoms. And then show the courage to face the actual issues and fix them, regardless of how much toil, tears and trouble it requires from us. Let’s stretch our capacity, our tolerance, our endurance, let’s allow our limitless potential to reveal itself. Let’s go where we have never dared before. Let’s not give up until we triumph.

At the end the victory won’t even matter. What will matter is the new US who emerges. A stronger, wiser, more mature, more beautiful US. The person we were always meant to be.

Isn’t that worth a little hardship? Or even a lot?


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