Morning Ray of Sunshine – Let’s not weep over mistakes

Oh yeah, we make mistakes in life. Truckloads of them, small boo boos, big blunders, catastrophic ones… the whole shebang. And then we sit and let them cast a shadow over our present and future, wailing about them, making ourselves feel miserable, guilty endlessly…

What’s the point? What’s done is done. Feeling miserable now ain’t going to change diddley squat. It’s just an excuse to feel like a victim and avoid taking responsibility for learning from the mistake and moving forward with this wisdom.

Which is why we make mistakes – to learn what we are supposed to in this life, to break free from our patterns, our age old cycles, to grow, to be free.

So instead of shedding more tears (there’s anyway a water crisis), let’s embrace our errors, FORGIVE OURSELVES, learn and use that learning in every thing we do henceforth. Thus freeing ourselves to make newer mistakes and learn more. After all that’s what life is about.

To our glorious, flawed, faulty selves. Hurrah for us


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