Morning Ray of Sunshine -Let’s not ‘try’ to be good

There’s nothing wrong with being a good person. The trouble comes when we try and live up to our image of what a good person is, all the time.

First of all it’s not natural, we’re just playing a part. Second of all we’re repressing some very natural emotions be it anger or sadness or anything else that we have defined as not good. Which means these are getting bottled up and will explode sooner or later. Third of all we’re letting go of who we really are – and that real self is more precious and more beautiful than any manufactured ‘good’ persona we may don.

So from today let’s not fake it,  let’s not pretend. If something upsets us let’s be frank about it. We don’t need to throw temper tantrums but we do need to express what we’re honestly feeling, be it rage or frustration or disappointment or sadness. And screw what anyone thinks.

Even the feelings we label super bad like lust or jealousy or greed or vanity – if we feel it, let’s accept it, express it in a balanced way and allow us ourselves to just be who we really are…

It’s a huge step towards loving and accepting ourselves and also freeing ourselves of unwanted baggage. And let’s trust that the people who really matter love us just the way we are


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