Morning Ray of Sunshine – Exit Comparisons, Enter Contentment

There is a C Word we need to drop and a C word we need to embrace.

Comparison. Wow – he’s so lucky, his job is so much more fun than mine, his wife is so much hotter than mine, her dress is better than mine, his kids are smarter than mine, he/she is better than me – Alright stop it already!!!

Instead how about Contentment. How about for a change, today focussing on the blessings in our life – all the awesome things about our parents, our better halves, our siblings, our friends, bosses, colleagues, kids, jobs, houses – everything that is part of our lives. And most important let’s focus on what is fantastic about ourselves.

Today no running ourselves down or anybody or anything that makes up our beautiful life. No complaining, whining, fault finding. Instead let’s just be happy and grateful for each one of them, thank the Higher Powers for showering us with these precious gifts and let’s just celebrate all that we have.

Let’s make it My Life is Good day or even My Life is Great. Cause it is


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