Morning Ray of Sunshine – Don’t Get Carried Away

It is so easy to get carried away when things are going well. Also when things are completely screwed up. But getting carried away in either circumstance is fully self destructive and utterly pointless.

When things are going great it’s good to enjoy it but without letting one’s ego soar to the skies or feeling that this is all our own doing and we are the cat’s whiskers who can do no wrong. Far better to feel proud of ourselves yes but also grateful to the Higher Powers for their blessings and to everyone around us, who have definitely contributed to our happiness. Most of all let’s not get attached or dependent on things going our way. We don’t have to get anxious or cynical but a level of detachment is great where we can enjoy the good times without coming crashing if and when they end.

And if and when we do go through a bad patch, while feeling angry or sad is justified, making oneself a victim or martyr, completely collapsing, seeking solace in misery, self pity or substance abuse – all totally not needed. Makes way more sense to accept what’s happening with equanimity, go through the feeling sad phase. And then with the confidence that good times will come and the gumption to make that happen, let’s get up and start doing whatever one needs to do, way harder than ever before.

Life is a rollercoaster – so we may as well switch back to our kid selves and allow ourselves to be thrilled and gratified whether the ride goes up and down. Giddy, pukey, exhilarated – whatever, just have a blast


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