Morning Ray of Sunshine – Don’t Give in to Laziness

You know what’s the biggest obstacle stopping us from fulfilling our dreams, having awesome relationships, getting fit, exploring the world, learning everything we want… pretty much stopping us from living our life fully? LAZINESS.

Don’t feel like going for a walk today, I’ll make that call tomorrow, I’ll write when I feel inspired, this month is busy – maybe next, I’ll take her out over the weekend, weekdays commute too hard… the list is endless. But can we honestly say that even one of these excuses is anything more than that – a sad way to avoid getting off our butts and living our lives?

Sure fear is a factor in not doing some of these things. Fear of failure, of rejection but if we were to accept that there is fear,  we could face it and forge forward regardless. But since we garb fear in the form of laziness, we avoid doing what we’re scared of, without even admitting that there is fear.

So starting now, whenever we begin on whatever we’ve wanted to do and laziness crops up, let’s smile, put an arm around him, take him aside and then holding his hand (or neck), let’s dive right into doing we wanted to do. Same for fear.

Life’s too short for procrastination. Anything we want to do, we better do now


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