Morning Ray of Sunshine – Tolerance Begins at Home

We have been hearing endless debates on freedom of speech, intolerance over the last few weeks. The only thing that seems to emerge from every debate is the lack of tolerance shown by every single person to everyone else’s freedom to have an opinion.

So instead of contributing to the fire, how about in our lives – we all start showing some tolerance. Let’s pick on the one person whose point of view or opinions or whose every single spoken word we detest, argue with scream at. Could be our mom or dad, our spouse, boss, colleague, neighbour. Anyone we dismiss as irritating or painful.

And let’s at least for today listen to them, really listen. One is not saying agree or pretend to agree but just for today without any of the biases or baggage that we usually have listen and try and understand why they’re saying, where they’re coming from. The object being, not to understand the logic of what they’re saying but understanding them as people. It needn’t be about something profound or political – even just the usual refrain to clean our room or not leave the bathroom so wet – you get the drift.

And when we’re done listening and understanding, if it comes from our heart let’s at least give them a smile. If we feel like, maybe a hug. In whatever way that is real, let’s leave them with the feeling that we have heard them, we do love them.

Methinks in today’s world, a little love, a little understanding, a bit of unbiased listening can go a long, long way


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