Morning Ray of Sunshine – Listen to Your Heart Not Everyone Else

There are always going to be people who tell us what we’re doing is wrong. There are always people with suggestions on how we can do things better, live our life better. Only question is whose life is it, whose dream is it? So then who decides what’s best?

Which doesn’t mean we turn a deaf ear to these folks or send them off with an earfull. Nope. They mean well, care for us, so let’s give them a proper hearing, with an open heart and no ego, let’s understand what their point is. And be grateful for their good intentions and love.

But then let’s come back to our hearts. And let the heart decide how best to do things. For no one knows better, not those who love us the most, definitely not our minds and egos. The heart is from where the Universe talks to us, guides us.

So let’s just follow our hearts. And live our lives, our way. Nobody can do it better.


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