Morning Ray of Sunshine – What do we accomplish today?

When we say goals we most often think of something huge, life-changing, something that we can strive for over a 1/5/10 year period. Nothing wrong with that – we need those. But we also need short term goals.

And by short term one means daily targets. Something that gives us a sense of achievement, something that we can get excited and charged up about, that gets our adrenaline pumping, that we can look forward to, that can gives meaning and purpose to the day.

Let’s face it, every day will have its share of routine and drudgery and things we hate. But when we have this one target, one goal to achieve, it gives us the energy and enthusiasm to breeze past all those other not so nice stuff.

So getting that one chapter written or making that proposal or reaching out to those 5 people you want to pitch to… whatever we need, let’s chart it and set sail.

And why only work goals – we could throw in personal goals be it doing something nice for some special or scheduling a fun evening with friends or taking in some art or music or culture or just a cycle ride or swim.

Every day is precious. Let’s make sure we make ours special and memorable and oodles of fun


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