Morning Ray of Sunshine – Let’s be Generous with our Love and Time

Generosity – some of us tend to understand this word in a purely material sense. And while being generous with money is good, there are other areas where it is as important to be large hearted.

Consider a parent. Were he to lavish money and luxuries on his child but hold back on love, attention and time, would we consider him a good parent? Same logic applies to us. Are we being generous with our love, attention and time? If not let’s start.

Amongst our closest people who are those who deserve more time and uninterrupted attention from us? Who could do with hugs, kisses, expressions of love, being made to feel special? Whom haven’t we been there for? Who has been dying to meet us but we’ve been too busy?

Let’s make our lists and just open our hearts and envelop these people in our love. The beautiful thing about being generous with love is that for it to go out, it must course through us. So the first heart we light up with love and warmth is our own.

Lots of love and loving to you


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