Morning Ray of Sunshine – It’s a Beautiful Life

This morning I remembered an old song we learned in school – Count Your Blessings. What a powerful message that is.

We’re acutely aware of what we don’t have, what’s not happening in our life, what’s not working. But suppose we turned the camera the other way – looked at what all is awesome in our life, what are the blessings we’ve got, what all we’ve achieved, what is fantastic about the people in our life, what is fantastic about ourselves and just felt happy and grateful and contented.

That itself would fill our hearts  with so much goodness and positivity which would in turn attract so much more awesomeness in our lives. Worth a try no?

Always good to just stop, see how far we’ve come, see how blessed we are, say Thanks, give ourselves a pat on the back and just feel happy about ourselves, about life.

So let’s just feel good


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