Morning Ray of Sunshine – Ask with Faith and Conviction

When we ask for something from the Universe, something that we want with all our heart, let there be no doubts or fear or questioning in our consciousness. Instead let our hearts be full of faith and conviction that it will happen.

Let there be the ardent desire for that want to be fulfilled. Let there be the gratitude that it is happening. Let there be the joy that we are getting what we want.

And then see how easily, how beautifully, how magically our deepest, most cherished desires become reality.


Morning Ray of Sunshine – Give and Take Help

Help. We all need it, sometime or the other. No matter how much our ego would like to think so, none of us are Lone Rangers or utterly self sufficient Supremos.

So let’s not hold back from asking for help when we need it. It doesn’t make us smaller or losers or weaklings. It also does not make us dependent on other people. And no, if they refuse to help, it is not the end of the world, we don’t have to be heartbroken. We simply stand up and figure another source of support or another way.

Let’s also not hold back from offering and giving help. People need our support all the time. Let’s not be so self absorbed as to not see it. And let’s do this without expectation, without agendas, most of all without ego or attitude. Let’s do this lovingly, selflessly, grateful that we’ve been chosen as a channel for His Grace, with the humility of remembering that yesterday we too needed help and tomorrow we might need it again.

One world, one people, let’s embrace those around us, be there for them, allow them to be there for us

Morning Ray of Sunshine – In Gratitude

Start of a beautiful new week. Let’s decide that it’s going to be a week of achievement, of scaling heights, of striking new trails, fulfilling dreams, and all of this with utmost love, enthusiasm and joy.

And to kick it off let’s start with lots of gratitude – for everything that’s beautiful in our lives, for the abundance of love and goodness, for our innate power and potential that we allow to come to full bloom from today, for the myriad opportunities to shine all of which we will seize, for the endless laughter and joy.

Let us also be grateful for all the miracles that we’re asking for and know will come to us at once, and for those that are ours without even asking, for all the magic that we will be working and for the wonders we will be creating.

And with our hearts overflowing and with the faith that we are going to rock it, let’s get blazing

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Go Mad, Have a Blast

Every so often it’s ok to let ourselves go mad, throw reason and rationality to the winds, let our hair down and do all those things we want to do but good sense, social mores, conformity all stop us from doing…

These urges we suppress are also part of us… the mad, wild side is much us as the rational, sensible one.

Let’s not live in parts, let’s allow all of ourselves to come out. Let’s allow ourselves to go mad, revel, celebrate being alive. And let’s do this Now. Life is too short to postpone living and having fun.

So let’s go have a blast…

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Never too Late to Course Correct

It’s never too late to course correct.

So often we may realize that we’ve taken the wrong decision. Or maybe it was the right one then, but that choice doesn’t work for us anymore. Could be work, could be personal life, could be a vacation, a hobby, a course we’d joined – anything.

Point is, if now there is the realization, the certainty that we do not want to do this anymore, then it’s fine. No need to break our heads as to why we made this call. No need to be rigid and egoistic and say since I had decided I will see it through. Yes, maybe time, effort, energy, money have been expended. Still doesn’t mean one should expend more, especially when we realize that this isn’t what we want. Best to cut losses, change tracks, start afresh.

But yes we should understand why we made the choices we did. If there was ego or neediness or proving a point or whatever, then there’s a lesson to be learnt.

But that’s it, no further agonizing, decision made, lesson learned, let’s strike out a new trail. There’s still so much of life to be lived

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Hang in There

And there are times in life when we feel weak, not up to it, incapable of carrying on. That’s when we either give up or try and put in efforts that we’re not capable of at that point – in a desperate effort to get through to the end and simply collapse.

It’s like being in the sea when the waves are super strong and the tide is against us and we are depleted of strength. If we try and make a frantic effort to get to shore we will drown. If we give up we will drown. Best to just use the available energy to simply stay afloat, get stronger and wait for the tide to turn or subside.

What’s needed at these junctures is to just pause, take a breath, accept that things are hard, accept that we are not at our strongest. We need to bide our time, build our strength, not give up or go back but use our available resources and strength to maintain our position. As they say in warfare, fortify and consolidate our position. No need for retreat. No need for a suicidal charge.

Everything in life is a cycle. One just has to wait for our window and make the most of it.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Embrace the Love Around Us

Love. There’s so much of it all around us. And yet we find ourselves love lorn, seeking love, wailing that we are not loved…

Love is there but are we opening our hearts to it, letting it in? Or are we blocking it out of fear – fear of becoming dependent, fear of loss, fear of getting stuck, trapped with the people we allow into our lives? Or are we holding back out of judgements and rigidity – we have decided in what form and shape we want love and from whom and when and everything else is unacceptable?

Whatever the case, the abundance of love in our life is a blessing, let’s be grateful for it, let’s embrace it as God’s Grace, let’s soak in it, own it.

Let’s just open our hearts to all the love, set aside all the fears, the biases, our egos, let’s just receive the love and let our hearts be warmed and uplifted.  And as we allow ourselves to be loved, loving back becomes so much easier.

To being loved and being loving.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Listen. Less Talk. Less Thinking, More Listening

Listen. Let’s open our hearts, drop all biases and judgements and really, really listen.

What is our heart trying to tell us? What are the things that we don’t want to do that we’re doing? What are the things we want to do that we’re not? What do we really want? Who are we really? What are the masks and labels that we should get rid off at once?

What is the Universe trying  to tell us? What are the messages that are repeatedly coming to us about our lives, about where we could be, about what we need to drop, what we need to look at? Where is the Universe trying to lead us and why oh why, are we holding back?

What are the people around us – our loved ones, trying to tell us? What part of our behaviour is hurting them, suffocating them and we’re not even cognizant of it? What is it they so badly want from us that we’re turning a deaf ear to? What is it we need to do to make them feel loved and special?

Today let’s give our mouth and mind a rest. Less talk, less thinking, just listening and understanding…

Walking on Sunshine – Love – ourselves, people, the things we do

Love is the answer. In our darkest, most helpless moments or when we are consumed by fear or when we seem to have hit a dead end and cannot see a way out or when we feel utterly alone the best solution is Love.

Love ourselves, hold ourselves up, cherish ourselves even if no one else will. Love the life we’ve been given with all the adversities and issues – love them as we would a grand adventure with perils and setbacks. If we cannot see a way forward forge on with love and faith nevertheless. If there is no light around, let the light in our hearts stemming from love illuminate the way.

Let us find love in our hearts for everyone – those who obstruct us, those who threaten us, they who reject us, trouble us, hurt us. Let our treatment of them be decided in our hearts not by their behaviour. Let us reach out with love no matter what the outcome.

Let us invest everything we do with love even if naught comes out of it. The loving can never go waste cause we have lived those moments in love never mind the result.

Life is too short. Why waste precious moments in sadness or fear or anxiety or disappointment or stress. Let’s just fill them with love and joy. Let’s make the most of the time we have.

All my love to each one of you..

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Focus on the good stuff and Life will be good

Every day brings things that fill us with joy. And things that fill us with dread. Point is which do we focus on, which do we give strength to, which one do we build our days around.

Let’s not live in fear and stress. That which must be endured, we have the strength to go through. Let’s trust that we are protected and we will sail through.

Let’s instead keep our eyes on the good stuff, derive strength and courage from them, define our day through them so we look forward to this beautiful day and live it with enthusiasm, courage, positivity and joy.

All is well. Everything is for the best. It’s a wonderful life. Clichés these may be but clichés are clichés cause they’re common and true. All the more reason to trust them.

Smile. Life is good. And will get better. If we decide so.