Morning Ray of Sunshine – Let’s laugh and be happy, JUST…

Why wait to be happy? 🙂

Today let’s just look for reasons to smile or be happy. Rather than focussing on things that we don’t want to do or those that weigh us down, irk us, let’s only keep our eyes on things that bring a smile to our face – make us laugh.

Rather than looking at the grumpy crosspatch on our right let’s keep staring at the guy right ahead who’s always got a smile for us. Instead of taking the road that’s been dug up let’s take the longer way around that always has kids chattering and laughing. And so on through the day.

Better still let’s create opportunities to smile and laugh be it seeking out the funniest videos on you tube or calling up the buddy who always has a wacky story or seeking out that one colleague whose daughter always does or says something that has everyone in splits. Whatever works for us. But let’s do it. Let’s keep  ourselves grinning and chortling right through the day.

And if we can be unreasonably happy, without any trigger, just like that, chumma… let’s do that.

Much happy happy to each one of you.


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