Morning Ray of Sunshine – Flow with Life

A lot of our angst and tension comes purely from worrying about whether things will go the way we want, the way, we have decided, is good and best for us.

Fact is having done whatever we can, there is absolutely nothing more we can do to make things happen one way or the other. So the angst actually serves no purpose save for making ourselves miserable.

Secondly we don’t know that the way we want things to happen is the best way for us. It’s what we have decided on  the basis of our limited vision. But fact is exactly what we’re dreading and what we don’t want to happen could be the best thing for us. Truth is, someone above has a much better script in terms of what will help us get where we want to and what will teach us what we are here to learn.

So the best thing for us is to flow with life. Rather than fighting the current, trusting it to take us where we need to be and flowing with it. As for free will and choice let’s use that to choose to happily, enthusiastically embrace what comes, make the best of it, learn from it, use it as a springboard to get where we want to rather than fighting with it and spending our lives in misery. Let’s keep our eyes on the larger picture, the essence of the goal not on the nitty gritties (eg. If it’s love we want, let’s not get stuck on who and how and what kind and how much. It’s all around, let’s just immerse ourselves in it without judging or labelling.

The Universe has a plan for us and it’s a great one. Rather than spending our days questioning it or angsting about it let’s get with the plan and live our lives to the fullest. Nothing else matters.


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