Morning Ray of Sunshine – Ask for Miracles, Believe They Will Happen

Miracles just happen. They don’t come with a prelude, or a set up or an announcement. More importantly they don’t have a rationale or logic or an A to B to C. They’re magical and that’s why they’re miracles.

When we were young we believed in miracles. We didn’t question why and how they would happen. We just declared what we wanted and believed it would happen. And lo, behold – they did.

But nowadays cynicism has crept in. There are things we want but we keep saying they can’t happen cause logic,  conditioning, precedents all tell us so. And this disbelief, lack of faith is what we project out and hence the miracles don’t happen.

How’s about from today we do the opposite? With no logic, no reason, no judgements, let’s just focus on what we want, ask for it with all our heart and believe that it will happen. Let’s claim and own our miracles.

And then rejoice – cause they will happen.