Morning Ray of Sunshine – Reprogram your Day

There are events in every day that we view with trepidation cause we feel they will go badly – could be a meeting with a ‘painful’ client or a chat with a spouse or parent or any other hateful task. Fact is we’ve decided that these will be disasters, that the other person will be difficult, they won’t understand us, that everything will go wrong.

But these are our decisions – the event hasn’t happened yet. Since we go in expecting, believing the worst, the power of our intention makes that happen. But we can change our decisions, use the power of intention to our advantage.

Let’s just reprogram the difficult event – see it all happen the way we want – an atmosphere of friendliness, love, joy, everyone is nice to each other, people understand and accept what  we’re saying, everything goes off smoothly and easily. Let’s imprint this on our consciousness and believe in it with all our heart.

And then let the magic unfold. It only works


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