Morning Ray of Sunshine – Focus on the good stuff and Life will be good

Every day brings things that fill us with joy. And things that fill us with dread. Point is which do we focus on, which do we give strength to, which one do we build our days around.

Let’s not live in fear and stress. That which must be endured, we have the strength to go through. Let’s trust that we are protected and we will sail through.

Let’s instead keep our eyes on the good stuff, derive strength and courage from them, define our day through them so we look forward to this beautiful day and live it with enthusiasm, courage, positivity and joy.

All is well. Everything is for the best. It’s a wonderful life. Clichés these may be but clichés are clichés cause they’re common and true. All the more reason to trust them.

Smile. Life is good. And will get better. If we decide so.


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