Walking on Sunshine – Love – ourselves, people, the things we do

Love is the answer. In our darkest, most helpless moments or when we are consumed by fear or when we seem to have hit a dead end and cannot see a way out or when we feel utterly alone the best solution is Love.

Love ourselves, hold ourselves up, cherish ourselves even if no one else will. Love the life we’ve been given with all the adversities and issues – love them as we would a grand adventure with perils and setbacks. If we cannot see a way forward forge on with love and faith nevertheless. If there is no light around, let the light in our hearts stemming from love illuminate the way.

Let us find love in our hearts for everyone – those who obstruct us, those who threaten us, they who reject us, trouble us, hurt us. Let our treatment of them be decided in our hearts not by their behaviour. Let us reach out with love no matter what the outcome.

Let us invest everything we do with love even if naught comes out of it. The loving can never go waste cause we have lived those moments in love never mind the result.

Life is too short. Why waste precious moments in sadness or fear or anxiety or disappointment or stress. Let’s just fill them with love and joy. Let’s make the most of the time we have.

All my love to each one of you..


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