Morning Ray of Sunshine – Embrace the Love Around Us

Love. There’s so much of it all around us. And yet we find ourselves love lorn, seeking love, wailing that we are not loved…

Love is there but are we opening our hearts to it, letting it in? Or are we blocking it out of fear – fear of becoming dependent, fear of loss, fear of getting stuck, trapped with the people we allow into our lives? Or are we holding back out of judgements and rigidity – we have decided in what form and shape we want love and from whom and when and everything else is unacceptable?

Whatever the case, the abundance of love in our life is a blessing, let’s be grateful for it, let’s embrace it as God’s Grace, let’s soak in it, own it.

Let’s just open our hearts to all the love, set aside all the fears, the biases, our egos, let’s just receive the love and let our hearts be warmed and uplifted.  And as we allow ourselves to be loved, loving back becomes so much easier.

To being loved and being loving.


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