Morning Ray of Sunshine – Hang in There

And there are times in life when we feel weak, not up to it, incapable of carrying on. That’s when we either give up or try and put in efforts that we’re not capable of at that point – in a desperate effort to get through to the end and simply collapse.

It’s like being in the sea when the waves are super strong and the tide is against us and we are depleted of strength. If we try and make a frantic effort to get to shore we will drown. If we give up we will drown. Best to just use the available energy to simply stay afloat, get stronger and wait for the tide to turn or subside.

What’s needed at these junctures is to just pause, take a breath, accept that things are hard, accept that we are not at our strongest. We need to bide our time, build our strength, not give up or go back but use our available resources and strength to maintain our position. As they say in warfare, fortify and consolidate our position. No need for retreat. No need for a suicidal charge.

Everything in life is a cycle. One just has to wait for our window and make the most of it.


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