Morning Ray of Sunshine – Never too Late to Course Correct

It’s never too late to course correct.

So often we may realize that we’ve taken the wrong decision. Or maybe it was the right one then, but that choice doesn’t work for us anymore. Could be work, could be personal life, could be a vacation, a hobby, a course we’d joined – anything.

Point is, if now there is the realization, the certainty that we do not want to do this anymore, then it’s fine. No need to break our heads as to why we made this call. No need to be rigid and egoistic and say since I had decided I will see it through. Yes, maybe time, effort, energy, money have been expended. Still doesn’t mean one should expend more, especially when we realize that this isn’t what we want. Best to cut losses, change tracks, start afresh.

But yes we should understand why we made the choices we did. If there was ego or neediness or proving a point or whatever, then there’s a lesson to be learnt.

But that’s it, no further agonizing, decision made, lesson learned, let’s strike out a new trail. There’s still so much of life to be lived


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