Morning Ray of Sunshine – In Gratitude

Start of a beautiful new week. Let’s decide that it’s going to be a week of achievement, of scaling heights, of striking new trails, fulfilling dreams, and all of this with utmost love, enthusiasm and joy.

And to kick it off let’s start with lots of gratitude – for everything that’s beautiful in our lives, for the abundance of love and goodness, for our innate power and potential that we allow to come to full bloom from today, for the myriad opportunities to shine all of which we will seize, for the endless laughter and joy.

Let us also be grateful for all the miracles that we’re asking for and know will come to us at once, and for those that are ours without even asking, for all the magic that we will be working and for the wonders we will be creating.

And with our hearts overflowing and with the faith that we are going to rock it, let’s get blazing


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