Morning Ray of Sunshine – Give and Take Help

Help. We all need it, sometime or the other. No matter how much our ego would like to think so, none of us are Lone Rangers or utterly self sufficient Supremos.

So let’s not hold back from asking for help when we need it. It doesn’t make us smaller or losers or weaklings. It also does not make us dependent on other people. And no, if they refuse to help, it is not the end of the world, we don’t have to be heartbroken. We simply stand up and figure another source of support or another way.

Let’s also not hold back from offering and giving help. People need our support all the time. Let’s not be so self absorbed as to not see it. And let’s do this without expectation, without agendas, most of all without ego or attitude. Let’s do this lovingly, selflessly, grateful that we’ve been chosen as a channel for His Grace, with the humility of remembering that yesterday we too needed help and tomorrow we might need it again.

One world, one people, let’s embrace those around us, be there for them, allow them to be there for us


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