Morning Ray of Sunshine – Live life 200% NOW

Life is too short

to angst about little things,
to make ourselves miserable doing what we don’t want to, to worry more about upsetting others than our own happiness,
to carry grudges,
to hold back from giving and receiving love,
to procrastinate things we dearly want to do,
to dither about chasing our dreams,
to not take risks,
to not make ourselves a priority,
to not seize happiness everywhere we see it,
to not go unreasonably mad, to not laugh, sing, dance, celebrate just cause we want to,
to not eat cake and ice-cream, to not show and tell people how much we love them,
to not live 200% this very moment…

Life’s too short. Seize the moment…


Morning Ray of Sunshine -Forget the Irritants, Focus on the Living

How angry we get with people who we feel aren’t understanding us and our vision, who impede our paths in annoyingly minor ways, who say spiteful or hurtful things that upset our egos, who refuse to acknowledge how fantastic and awesome we are. More importantly, don’t accept that we’re  smarter and better than them…

Wait a minute. Do we hear how petty this sounds? On one hand we accept that their interference in the grand plan of our lives is minor, an irritant at best, we also say we are wiser and better. Then why the hell do we allow them to affect us, take up so much of our mind space, cause us so much angst and anger?

Ego, of course. It galls us that someone we consider inferior to us, can pass judgement on us and our work. The ego wants subservience and adulation from them.

Well ain’t going to happen. In their minds they’re the kings of their world. Now point is what’s important – minor ego gratifying victories over people who don’t matter or getting on with the larger business of life? So much there is to do –  fulfilling our dreams, living each moment fully, giving and accepting love, making ourselves and others happy.

Where do we want to spend our time and energies? Life is for living and seizing the dreams. Everything else… forget it. Too much to do, too much to enjoy and celebrate.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Seize The Dream

Just because we’ve decided we want to accomplish something doesn’t mean that the world will instantly fall in with our plans. Of course there will be obstacles, things will go wrong, nothing will be as per our perfect imagining. Question is what then?

This is the test of our commitment to our dreams, our strength, our determination, our passion, faith, positivity, yearning to make what we have conceived, a reality.

If these are strong then nothing can stop us. All we will be able to see is our goal. There’s a wall in our way, we’ll find a way over or around or bloody well through it. We will not waste time angsting about the obstacle or why this happened to me or why can’t that person understand. Our focus is where we need to reach, so all our energies will instantly be put to use to find another way to get there. And if that is impeded, then another. So on till we do get there.

That’s what makes a winner, a champion, a trail blazer. Everyone else is just a victim willing to make life and people, their excuses for their own lack of commitment and perseverance.

We know who we are. So let’s just go forging ahead.

If we don’t allow it, nothing can stop us. That’s the power of free will.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Reach Out, Help Someone

Reach out. Hold a hand. Help someone find their way.

Of course our lives and issues aren’t sorted. Of course we ourselves aren’t sure if we’re heading in the right direction, our hearts are weighed down, there is sadness and frustration.

But if we’ve done everything we possibly can and are still continuing to do that, well then this is a waiting period till clarity and light and success show up.

Now in the meantime we can either feel irked or sad or depressed and have a pity party, or we can be there for someone who’s even worse off.

And in helping them our own spirits will be raised. We might even discover our answers. Even if we don’t, helping someone else is way better than wallowing. It’s not escaping our issues, we’re still persevering, chipping away. It’s just allowing ourselves perspective that our life is not as miserable as it seem. And if we can bring a smile on someone else’s face, we can do the same for ourselves too.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Go Deeper

Go Deeper.

Sure we’re working hard at whatever we’re doing but perhaps there’s room to go deeper, understand more, learn more and using that learning, do an even more fabulous job. Very often, after years of doing something well, we kind of fall into a rut, get mechanical about it, do things the way we’ve always done them. Sure, the way has worked for us but doesn’t mean it’s the best or only way. Let’s relearn our craft with the same innocence, zest and eagerness we once possessed. Let’s break out of the routine, think out of the box, do some research, discover more, soak in deeper and go beyond what we know, what we’ve achieved so far.

Ditto in long standing relationships. Sure, the love is there. Yes, the relationship is strong. But haven’t we fallen into some set patterns – in the way we do things, the way we converse, the way we express our love, the way we do something special – is there anything new or innovative in what we’re doing? We think we know the other person but does our knowledge stem from who that person is now or who they were when we were last still interested in discovering them? People change all the time. Let’s start over, get to know our loved ones once more, with the same innocence, enthusiasm and passion we once had. And we’ll find there are far more exciting ways to love and express love. We’ll discover love and loving all over again.

We aren’t just reinvigorating our work and our relationships, we’re bringing back newness, excitement, passion and joie de vivre into our lives.

We’re really living life… Really ain’t  nothing better

Morning Ray of Sunshine – From the Heart with Love

Open your heart and don’t hold back from giving your love fully.

Today whatever we do, whomever we come across, interact with; every thought, every action – let’s do it with our hearts open, full of love.

Let’s bring love and passion and joy into every single thing we do, every person we touch. Let our love make everyone and everything in our sphere of influence, special.

And then let’s watch how this love creates miracles in our own life.

Let’s make this a beautiful new week.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Don’t Hold Back Now

Don’t hold back right now – that’s the message that’s coming.

Whether we’re striking out towards a cherished goal, or opening our heart to a relationship, or finally deciding to head on that dream vacation or whatever else, Don’t Hold Back.

Let not fears or doubts or any kind of questioning slow us down. Let’s just stay steadfast on the course we’ve chosen, in fact give it our all and more, as they say in Poker – go all in.

Something big is coming our way and we need to rush out and embrace it. So let’s

Morning Ray of Sunshine – The Best is Right Here

How much unhappiness and discontent we cause ourselves by constantly comparing…

When we’re working on one project we wonder if we would be happier and more successful if we were working on something else. Or somewhere else.

When we are with someone, we wonder if we would be happier if we were with someone else. Very often we don’t even know who this mythical someone else is but we still wonder

There’s a reason why we’re working on something just now or why we’re with someone or why we’re in this city or country and not on Pluto – cause this is the best place for us just now. Doing exactly what we’re doing, being with this particular person is what will get us to wherever we are supposed to at the right time. And all the seeds of our joy, bliss, miracles lie in what we have on our plate, in our life this minute.

So rather than comparing and feeling miserable and dissatisfied, let’s be grateful and joyous. Let’s make the most of everything that has been given to us. Let’s make this the stepping stones to everywhere we want to get, every joy we want to experience.

We have all we need to fulfil us, to make us deliriously happy. Let’s just believe that. And live it

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Thank You

Today I’m just feeling thankful – thankful for the life I have, for the lovely people who have been and are in my life – my parents, family, friends, teachers, special souls… I am thankful for the gifts and the opportunities that never seem to stop coming even as I never seem to stop asking. I am thankful for the protection that never lets anything really bad happen and gives me the strength to endure and rise above what does. I am thankful for the guidance that always shows me my errors and allows me to course correct. I am thankful for the unlimited support from people, the Universe and the highest powers without which nothing would have been possible. I am thankful for the abundant love that is showered upon me and pray that going forward I accept it all and give back at least as much.

I am so, so grateful for the gift of these words and all the other words and stories that come to me every day, through the day – inspiring me, enriching me, entertaining me, making me feel alive.

Thank you, all of you for all the encouragement, support and gracious acceptance of these words in your life and all your acknowledgement and love.

I am thankful for today, all the days to come and all the days that have been and look forward to making the most of every moment.

Truly it’s a beautiful life. 😘💓💖

Thank you. I love you.
God Bless you.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Create and Live Beautiful Days

Why do we sabotage our own days? By fearing that things will go wrong, imagining the worst, then playing out these disaster scenarios in our head again and again, giving them strength, almost creating these miserable events out of nothing.

Fears are natural but next time when they show up, why not step back, imagine the scenario but rescript it the way we want – nay, even better. Let’s imagine it in vivid detail, see things happen exactly the way we want, smoothly, easily, lovingly, joyously. Let’s see smiles on the faces of all concerned. Let’s see ourselves striding out, triumphant and joyous. And let’s keep playing this version out in our heads, giving it strength, making it the reality.

It’s possible. It only works. To creating and living beautiful days